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What kind of payment method do you accept?

We accept payments in cash (Turkish Lira, USD, Euro and British Pounds) and by credit card. Divided payment or other currencies are not acceptable.

Does my insurance cover the exams, infertility treatments or surgeries?

We don’t have agreement with any private insurance. Patient is responsible for the payment. However, when treatment is completed patient may contact his/her insurance with the invoice and the medical report to be paid back if his/her treatment is covered by the insurance.

How many doctors do you have?

We have 2 male gynecologists, including founder and director of our center, Dr. Aret Kamar, and  1 female gynecologist.We have 1 urologist and psychologist.

Do you receive many patients from abroad?

We recieve many patients out of Istanbul and also from other countries. We have a minimum stay system for IVF patients.  Please do not let distance keep you from visiting us.

Is it necessary to come to my first visit with my husband?

It is better but not a must. We prefer him to be present on your first visit to explain you both, your case and the details of the treatment advised and to complete the routine blood tests in the beginning of the treatment.

What day of my cycle should I have my first visit?

First consultation and examination can be done at any day of your cycle. However, if you aretravelling from abroad, have limited time to stay in Istanbul and planning to start your treatment on the same cycle, then you can make your first appointment for the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation.

When in my cycle is the most appropriate time to visit the clinic?

Any day in your menstrual cycle is fine but usually we want to start treatment 3th or 5th days. We will consider the best plan for you starting from any day of your cycle. If you wish to undergo IVF treatment urgently, however, we recommend that you visit us early in your contraceptive period.

How far in advance should I book my first appointment?

Booking your appointment 7 days in advance is appreciated. However, we have flexibility for our international patients.

How long do I have to wait when I first visit?

Your appointment time is not always the exact time you will see the doctor. Sometimes you might have to wait.   It is our policy to spend sufficient time with each patient in order to properly carry out examinations and treatment.  As a rule, your first visit will take more time so that the doctor can review your medical history.

Is it possible to make an appointment by email?

We accept appointments by mail or phone. When you contact our center, patient coordinatoranswer your questions and inform you about the documents you need to bring on your first visit. Please feel free to contact us for your questions.

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